BRSP grows seed potatoes on the Kanai reserve west of Lethbridge. This spot offers a great opportunity to produce quality seed potatoes. The altitude and the climate ensure a healthy growing environment for the potato plants. The soil characteristics make it possible to produce quality tubers.
BRSP is isolated from other potato growing areas. Therefore, disease pressure is minimized. The location however is relatively close to commercial growing areas in Alberta as well as the US.
BRSP has access to sufficient acres to grow potatoes in a sustainable rotation. This ensures sustainable production and minimizes disease pressure. The potato acres are in rotation with grain and canola crops.
All the potato acres are irrigated with center pivot irrigation systems. The irrigation water comes from the Belly River and is pumped to the pivots through a well-designed system. The irrigated production ensures an even crop development and thus a more consistent tuber quality.
BRSP uses good storage facilities with up to date storage technology. There are several different bins with sizes ranging from 1000 tonnes to 5000 tonnes. For smaller lots and grading purposes, BRSP uses a box storage system. The handling and grading of the potatoes can all be done inside the buildings.
At BRSP we are committed to growing seed potatoes, it is the only crop we grow. We use experienced management and staff. BRSP is working hard to serve its customers.